Justin Ramey, Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Justin is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Shield Charities. He is currently enrolled in his freshman year of College at Flathead Community College located in the great Northwestern Montana City of Kalispell. He also works full time pursuing his passion of aviation while serving as a Line Technician at a private FBO.

Justin tremendously enjoys music, spending time outdoors, and taking time away with family. He is committed to the continuous growth of the people around him.

Zachary Meadows, Co-Founder/Director of Digital Design

Zach is the Co-founder and Chief Development Officer for Shield Charities.  He has taken much schooling in the field of media arts and graphic design. Working with video and creating professional products is what he does best.  He works at Les Schwab Tire Center in Sales and Service. He loves working with people and helping to make their visions come to life.

Zach plays many instruments such as guitar, ukulele, drums, tuba and more.  Music is a very important hobby of his. He loves being on the mountain either snowboarding or mountain biking.  He has more hobbies than he can count. Connecting with customers is a must for Zach

Piper Phillips, Director of Marketing 

Piper is the Chief Marketing Officer at Shield Charities. She is currently enrolled in her junior year of study to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management degree at Centralia College located in Washington State. Piper earned her high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree through Washington State’s Running Start Program at Centralia College in June 2016.

Piper is an avid musician and loves to spend time with her cat Pilot and fiancé Daniel. She is a devoted music teacher and kindergarten tutor

We are excited for the growth and challenges in our future; along with growing our Charities leadership! Even more, We are looking forward to the lives that we will be able to better.