About Us

Shield Charities has been founded to help individuals in severe financial need. It will help support cases such as-but not limited to-Major Medical expense, Natural Disaster rebuilding, Elderly Financial support, etc.

We will accomplish this by selling different apparel for the different cases. The merchandise will have designs reminding the supporters who and/or what they are supporting.

We are not here to make a profit but to support the people in need.

Shield Charities Profit principles:

Every Donation or Purchase UNDER $15 we will keep 2% of the profits.

Every Donation or Purchase OVER $15 we will keep 25 cents of the profits.

Note: We do NOT want to take away from what people are giving to a case; which is why we are keeping our profit margins to the bare minimum. Our hope for the future is that we will be able to lower what we keep per donation and purchase!