River King’s journey fund

Mr. River King was born on 27 November 2019. During birth, there were several complications leading to a major lack of oxygen to his body. This caused extreme, almost deadly brain damage to the newly born; so much so, the doctors’ prognosis was bleak. Mr. River was immediately put on medical devices and medication to keep his fragile body fighting himself. Mr. River has since recovered and shocked the doctors with a MIRACULOUS recovery from Global HIE (AKA: Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy-or-Brain Damage). The doctors have taken him off of the required medications for his brain damage and he has even began communicating with his little sounds. His most recent EEG shows bounds more brain activity than the EEG directly after birth.

While Mr. River is recovering and this is the BEST news; however, an unanimous family friend has set up a fundraiser to assist the King family with a small portion of the medical bills to be faced upon returning home.

UPDATE 12/11: Mr. River is going into a surgery next week to address his gastrostomy tube. When all goes well, he will be released to go home for the first time.

UPDATE 12/14: Mr. River’s gastrostomy tube surgery went well. He is now on pain medication to assist with his post-surgery recovery! So far, so good!!

UPDATE 12/17: Mr. River has made it home from the hospital!!! He is on his way to a full recovery.

 You can donate to the River Family by pressing the button below:

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