Give n’ Get T’shirt!!

Orders are OPEN for our BRAND NEW Give N’ Get T’Shirts

Give N’ Get Slogan: Comes from the idea that when you purchase a Shirt, sweatshirt, etc from Shield Charities, you are giving your hard earned money in order to support somebody. In return for your donation, we want to reward you and receive something to remember which cause you supported!

The profits from these shirts will go towards helping us grow our charity and creating a future fund for our next Fundraiser!

The profits will be split, 55% to 45%. The (smaller) 45% of the profits will go towards helping us develop our business and grow it into a stable, dynamic, and dependable company. The (larger) 55% of the profits will go directly into a protected fund that will be immediately applied to our next active fundraiser!


The SHIELD Management Team

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