Shield Charities

We are a Non-Profit Charitable Organization that has been founded to help individuals of desperate need.  What makes our company different from every other charitable company is our unique path of providing support. To support a cause, you can purchase one of our UNIQUE products; or, you can simply make a donation.  

It is our hope that you will support not only our business as we begin our journey, but that person that is in severe need of your caring support!  

To learn more about us head over to the ABOUT US PAGE…. there is good information over there.

Shield T’
This T’Shirt is so basic; it only shares a company’s name and lets you tell the rest.
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Shield Hoodie
This soft and comfortable hoodie comes with the standard shield logo; it is up to you to tell the story.
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Shield Beanie
A snug, form-fitting beanie marked with the plain Ol’ SHIELD Charities Name
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